Exclusively made for music and the arts

Pennant was created for musicians, artists and organizations that bring performance spectacles to stages and audiences the world over. With Pennant, you get a fully customized digital platform with your name on the front door.

Behind the scenes, Pennant takes care of hosting and scaling, while you create content libraries, sell tickets to livestreams, sell merchandise and never again have to stamp "canceled" over your headlining marquee.

Who Can Benefit From Pennant

Media Companies
Record Labels

Easy to set up, easy to use

Pennant is a fully self-serve platform providing you with an intuitive interface to help you build your content library, set pricing, incorporate merchandise, alter the look and feel, and more.

Once you're ready to hit the stage, Pennant can be set up, customized and ready to start managing content within minutes.

Live from the Pennant dashboard

Upload videos icon

Upload Videos

Manage users icon

Manage Users

Create categories icon

Create categories and subgroups

Customize branding icon

Customize Branding

Set pricing icon

Set Pricing

Integrate stripe icon

Integrate Stripe (payments)

Integrate shopify icon

Integrate Shopify (merchandise)

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Engage fans,
broaden your base

Step out onto a global stage and be seen.
Pennant quickly and optimally delivers your high quality streaming and on-demand content, allowing you make a memorable first impression with new fans, while giving veteran fans even more ways to experience the spectacle.

Robust features, new and coming soon

Right out-of-the-proverbial-box, Pennant offers a broad collections of features. Pennant works behind the scenes to ensure optimal livestream quality, quick uploads, seamless playback, fast and secure payment processing, and integration with Shopify for merchandise sales.

But that's not all. New Pennant features and integrations are already on the way.

Coming soon to:

Pennant Features – Robust features
Pennant Features – Custom branding

It's your brand

Let it shine! Every inch of the Pennant experience is meant to put the spotlight on you. Add your logo, modify the platform's colors and upload photos all from your Pennant Dashboard.

Reap the rewards of all the time spent developing and socializing your brand and get recognized. Your OTT streaming service is powered by Pennant's rock solid software, but your patrons see, interact with and pay—you.

Flexible pricing

Often times, big solutions come with big price tags and in the process lose sight of the audiences they were developed to support and elevate. Not with us.

Pennant's pricing model is intentionally designed not to be cost prohibitive for artists. Pennant's success will always be dwarfed by yours—as intended.

Pennant Features – Flexible pricing

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If you're a musician, recording artist, theatre company, arts organization or record label and you want to explore how Pennant can help you plant a flag atop the mount of streaming video services; we want to hear from you! Get in touch.

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